Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The return of the missing blogger...

Hello again folks. I've not only been waiting for my computer to become whole again, I was also on vacation. And as I had so earlier mentioned, I am reluctant to state my vacation plans so boldly on Facebook, or blog about it in case some opportunist thieves decided to case my house.

We came back from Owen Sound, Ontario, where we had a great time. Spent some time at a cottage on Georgian Bay, went to the Toronto Zoo, went to the Farmer's Market and had some kettle popcorn, did some shopping and had a gazillion cups of Tim Horton's coffee.

The weather was very nice, hovering from 23 to 30 degrees Celsius, so that was enjoyable until the humidity kicked up a notch (that's my understated way of saying... "ick!") for the last three days. I'm grateful my father in law has air conditioning.

I took this picture at the cottage, and my son Ian had a great time, as you might see him mugging for the camera. For him it was a day of playing in the water, watching the boats, soaking up the sun, eating s'mores by the campfire and laying on the jetty watching the meteor shower when it was dark. He was sad to go.

So after being away from my computer for two weeks, I have some stories to tell you, but of course, I won't get to them all in one night. So, if anyone was missing me... here I am... ta dah!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Exorcism of my computer

I've sent my computer to the exorcisit. Actually, a computer tech with the great name, Adam. He's taking my computer apart, fixing it, exorcising its demons, and hopefully upgrading it. That's one of the reasons I haven't blogged for a bit. The other is that I refuse to blog on my wife's laptop as I'm doind now. (I'm going to leave in that past typo to prove my point) I hate the key placements on laptops and it's made for people who generally type properly, unlike me. PLus, her computer is about to go way of the dodo too... she's having all types of trouble with hers as well. At some point I will be doing some more blogs on my days off... believe me I have a lot to rant about. So, hope to have your atention again soon. Later.