Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why are we afraid of obscurity?

In this day and age people find recognition through ever growing multimedia resources. I'm not just stringing together some fancy words here... how many bloggers have you browsed through today? Yes, I'm talking to you. There is no one secretly reading over your shoulder.

Why are you interested in what we are doing? 'We' being society that post their day to day happenings on the internet. Did you read somebody's Twitter page today, and found that they were just watching TV or deciding what to make for supper. Did you read some stranger's Facebook update to see that they missed their significant other? (they were probably reading somebody's MySpace page)

Perhaps we are all voyeurs to some extent... we go for an evening walk and we see someone's front window, well-lit and open, and we can't help but glance inside. We see a picture hanging on the wall and we wonder who is in the picture and what is the relation to the owner of the home.

It's like you're house sitting and you can't help but explore the non-public areas of the house. Do the home owner's have a stash of dirty magazines, drugs, or (this is slightly extreme) have bodies partially buried in the basement?

Everyone is territorial to an extent and yet we constantly crave attention. View my webpage, read my blog, see my pictures.... translates to "see me, accept me, love me... please." Those who do share with us aren't going to tell us their dirty laundry... we won't see a blog stating... "picked my nose today... passed gas in the elevator at work... blamed the new girl." If we did, generally we wouldn't see a picture or identification attached to such candid diaries, and actually I'm betting it would be popular.

Why is Paris Hilton a celebrity? Okay, so she's an heiress to a billion dollar empire, but she gained notoriety through partying, excess, a modelling career, and an x-rated video. The video is what pushed her through to internet stardom and that gave her an "in" to her music career (I'm hoping the gods here me now when I say that was sarcasm and I hope she never does another album again).

Come full circle... here I am.

Alone... in my computer room... typing my blog.

My wife was asking me, "Did you have a new blog entry?"


"It's been a while since you wrote something."


I'm not trying to be profound... just trying to find a cure for blogger's block.