Monday, June 1, 2009

Definition of Procrastination (and a rant about viruses and internet explorer)

Definition of procrastination??? See pic in upper right hand corner of blog. Yeah, that's me. My last entry was May 21. It's now June. Although my last blog says May 26th, I actually didn't finish it until tonight.

In my defense, my computer caught a bug. Oddly during my typing, an audio clip started playing. And it sounded like something you'd hear on America's Funniest Home Videos or something, except there was no video. And although it was harmless enough, a little toddler speaking gibberish at a mile a minute while his or her parents were laughing hysterically.

However, when this gibberish comes on it sounded like someone playing a record backwards and a voice spoke to you (albeit in gibberish) to tell you your soul belonged to someone else... it kinda creeped me out. Especially all my talk about the paranormal in my last blogs.

Another audio clip played the features of the new car in the Nissan lineup.

And another was some kind of audio of some supermodel getting interviewed about getting painstakingly painted by hand for three hours... I wish I had the video for that one...

But then typing my last blog entry, my internet explorer would boot me... mid sentence. It was a good one too. But I tell you, trying to get the essence of a joke you wrote four times down in a blog is extremely hard, especially when you think you got it right the first time.

So I did a virus check with my Security program (infurity program would be better, although I know infurity isn't a word) and it showed there was nothing wrong with my computer. So calling my employer's techie guru, Rob, (I'm sure he wasn't happy I called him at home) he told me I might still have a virus, and told me about Windows Live OneCare, where I thoroughly scanned and repaired my computer. It found one minor and major problem and fixed both.

Rob also told me about Firefox web browser and that it might have less problems than Internet Explorer (patooey, I spat on thee!). Firefox seems to be working for me.

So, after getting all of this done, the last thing I wanted to do was be creative and type what I was going to type. Instead I decide to numb myself from the neck up and play my Facebook applications.

Does anybody know a phone number for a good exorcist? I heard the gibberish again...