Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amendment to Up Here

Yeah, okay, no one mentioned to me that the map was in German... at least my buddy Shawn would appreciate it. That is what happens when you get lazy and look for a map of the NWT on the internet and don't use MapQuest.

And Kara was kind to remind me that Wolverine is from the Northwest Territories. In the comics, he originated from Wood Buffalo National Park and appeared in Fort Smith. In the movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there is no mention of Wood Buffalo or Fort Smith, but it starts off set in 1840 (I'm guessing) in the Northwest Territories. In the shots there are some pretty big trees and it looks like it's in Ontario or something, when some young kid behind me makes a smart alec remark, "That looks nothing like the Northwest Territories."

I guess history lessons are really bad in Canada. Does anybody remember Rupert's Land, Upper Canada and the Northwest Territories? In 1840'sh, the Northwest Territories was across a large portion of Canada... not just the NWT today. I actually turned around and told him, "Back then, the Northwest Territories was half the size of Canada." I don't think it was that big, but it shut him up anyway.