Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kara, Matt & Co. coming home!

I follow the blog The Adventures of Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan in Faro, Yukon. I know Kara and Matt from when they lived here in Hay River, and their adventures of taken them from Kugluktuk, Nunuvut (check that out on MapQuest) to Faro, Yukon, adding a couple of family members on the way. Anyways, they shared by Facebook email that they are coming back to Hay River, and our little group of friends and my immediate family are excited they are coming to visit.

Coke addiction status...

Day 8 of my trials of quitting colas, and it's gone actually easier than I thought.

My co-workers ask me how it's going and I tell them its going good. I wonder if they're actually expecting me to go stark-raving mad and forage through the recycling box for the last drops of Coke from bottles and cans. But nope... all is good.

I went to see Star Trek on Saturday night (awesome, BTW, thank-you), and went to the concession counter for my usual. The usual consists of a large layered combo (large popcorn w/ layered butter and a large drink) and I was going to substitute the Pepsi with fountain peach juice. However, the peach juice was empty and I almost gave in. Okay, I did give in, and I asked for a Pepsi. The young counter attendant then asked me, "Is it okay if it's warm? We have no ice." It's only then that I said, maybe just change the pop with a bottle of water. Not only did I barely thwart drinking Pepsi, I saved four bucks. And if I was to give in to drinking Pepsi or Coke, it would have an ice cold one.

By the way, I have to give kudos to an old school chum for quitting drinking colas on June 1st. He read my blog after I posted the link on Facebook and he commented that he had quit. I don't know whether he quit because of what I wrote (which would be cool), or he did this before I wrote my rant and coincidentally quit drinking cola the same day. But in either case, congrats Gordon Starko! May we start the "Stop the Pop" Revolution! (Actually, school kids already did.)

I work in a clinic and one of our locum doctors and a nurse practitioner read my blog on me quitting drinking cola. One suggested that we post it somewhere and that it was a very good article (B-L-U-S-H).

I was going to quit drinking pop all together because I would be less likely to fall back in with cola, but I slipped today. Isn't "slipping" the term that recovering addicts use when they screw up? Anyways, there was a big accreditation day BBQ at the hospital today because we did well on the accreditation and we're a leading practice. So I get my burger, I get my pasta salad, I get my ice cream, and I get my punch. After I've drank half my punch do I stop and say to my wife, "Don't they put 7Up in this?" To which they said they did. I was truly disappointed with myself but my wife told me not to be too hard on myself. I did impress the diabetic nurse and the dietitian when they heard I quit drinking cola. Jennifer, the dietitian, also said that her husband stopped drinking cola too.

Okay, I won't be too hard on myself, but I won't be buying any other bottles of pop either. Next thing you know I'll be drinking Pepsi Coke speedballs (Coke & Pepsi combined) out of a dixie cup out back of the soup kitchen... just kidding. By the way, Interesting Fact: mixing half Sunny D orange juice with half Pepsi equals a taste not unlike apricot juice. I also worked at a gas station convenience store and we were very bored on a Sunday.