Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kara, Matt & Co. coming home!

I follow the blog The Adventures of Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan in Faro, Yukon. I know Kara and Matt from when they lived here in Hay River, and their adventures of taken them from Kugluktuk, Nunuvut (check that out on MapQuest) to Faro, Yukon, adding a couple of family members on the way. Anyways, they shared by Facebook email that they are coming back to Hay River, and our little group of friends and my immediate family are excited they are coming to visit.


  1. Hip Hip Horray!!!

    Trust me- we are wicked excited to come back. Matt really wanted to move back there when we left Kugluktuk, but with housing so expensive and me not wanting to work again (I know, I am a selfish wench) we opted to head over here.

    One month today we should be arrive! Here's to wings, bonfires, and bad chicken from the Rooster!!

  2. But never forget Rooster SPUDS!