Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roses and sunshine...

It's occurred to me that I've been recently ranting and letting my bitter side show. I, too was a poet and a gentle soul. I've been known to soothe the soul of the occasional amorous beauty or innocent child. Take this example of my creative, nurturing, loving side of me from Grade Ten... this poem which I can still recall...

Here I stand awash with love
with the gulls flying up above.
My feet are stuck
the sand within...
O' my God, the tide's coming in!

I know, I know... the creative genius oozed from my every pore like acne from a teenager working in a fry joint. Just kidding! Thought you could use a laugh.

Go ahead... make my day...

If there ever was a time I wish the whole world could read my blog it would be now... okay, maybe not the whole world, but how about the appointment seeking population of Hay River.

If you see me on the street, you can say hello, you can compliment me on my shoes, you can strike up a conversation about the weather. Hell, you can say I look fat in the pants that I'm wearing... here are my suggestions to you...
  1. Don't ask me what time your appointment is again. I deal with hundreds of calls a day and book, cancel, re-book hundreds of appointments a day. If you can't remember the appointment date and time you wrote down in the comfort of your own home, or from the card I gave you, how do you realistically expect me to recall your appointment date and time. Call me at work, and I'll tell you. Maybe.
  2. Don't ask me when doctor So-in-so is going to be in the clinic, because honestly I don't know. If he told he'd be back in September, congratulations you officially know more than I do... I'm like a mushroom (you figure that one out).
  3. Don't ask me if I can book you an appointment or put you on the wait list for an appointment. Call me... at work... during work hours. If the phone is busy, or it takes too long to get someone... think about it... I've already mentioned I'm booking hundreds of appointments from the phone and/or people in person.
Now that we've established that, here are some things that will really not get you in my good books.
  1. Don't whisper over my shoulder at a movie theatre for the above questions.
  2. Don't interrupt me and my wife at dinner at a restaurant for the above questions.
  3. If I'm standing at a urinal, doing my business... don't ask me anything!
And since I know you from the occasional time you come in the clinic... no...
  1. I won't lend you money.
  2. I won't give you a ride.
  3. I won't introduce you to my wife. (She probably knows you already, and that's not a good thing!)
  4. I won't ask you to babysit... ever.
There are such things as boundaries... and really it seems because we live in a small town, people think it's acceptable to do these things. And if you think that I'm joking about this rant... nope, someone has asked me, approached me, bothered me for all of these things at least one time or more. It even happened today... hence, my rant.