Monday, June 8, 2009

Breaking it down...

My co-worker, a sassy nurse from Newfoundland, asked me if I knew how to send her friends a video through email, because the video was too big. I said to her that she should start up a DropShots account. She could download her video to the site, and then send the link to her friends via email.

She had her mouth slightly open like I rattled off Shakespeare in Greek. I asked her, "Was that a little over your head?"

She replied, "Yeah, explain it to me in Newfie-nies." *

I broke it down to her, only in my own cheeky way...

"Well, you put ta ting in ta ting... " Translation: Well, you put the thing in the thing...

* We refer to people from Newfoundland as Newfies... they also have a unique accent. Check out the show, "This Hour Has 22 Minutes," or the movie, "The Shipping News," with Kevin Spacey.

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