Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When creativity dies...

Such a sad title for a blog. But it does feel like a death in the family when you know of someone who has so much potential through their artistic expressions and they let their natural talents go to wayside. I'll only say first names for these people... but it's only to let them know that I think of them and their talent.

Matt used to draw and paint and play a pretty decent guitar. At one time he nurtured his artwork by working for a graphics company, but now works as a parts supplier.

John used to draw quite a bit... comic book art that showed such promise. I hope he's still doing it, but he lives so far away now... last I heard he was working for a electronic chain.

Andy used to pound his drums to Metallica and AC/DC. He had a large bedroom that consisted of a bed and a drum kit... the bed was small and the kit was large. Don't know if he's still keeping the beat, but he's a Harley Davidson mechanic which is an art of its own now.

Binky... where are you? I heard rumors you were doing a comic in Vancouver??? Whatever came of the character Jupiter???

Cameron last I heard you were hanging with Binky... you also showed some awesome potential for creating some manga or comics.

Me... you had some great years acting in theatre and you had your foot in the door with that bit part on North of 60. You used to write songs and stories and sing to the girls... what happened?

Interestingly enough, life happens to throw you curves... I don't plan on stopping, but I realize I have to be patient enough to start again when the opportunity arises. I get sad sometimes thinking of the 'would haves' and 'could haves'... but we have to make the best of the 'right nows.'

Just remember, creativity never dies but regains new life at every turn.

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  1. I bet you tell some great stories to your beautiful kids, and act them out too!