Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting a little love back...

Because of my shout-outs to fellow bloggers, Amy has kindly added me to NWT Blogs. So, return the favour and check it out... there are plenty of northern based blogs there.

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  1. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for linking me! I, too, somehow made it onto NWT Blogs, which is great even though I'm no longer a true Northerner.... My heart is still up north though.

    Any luck with getting a new header? I don't know much about tinkering with templates on Blogger; I just use the "edit" setting and change the header to a photo I have on my computer instead. (I crop the photo down into a banner shape using photo-editing software first; for my blog, I have it about 1200x170 pixels, but that's because my blog is a wider format. For your blog, I'd say something that's less than 1000 in width would probably be best. I use GIMP to scale my photos down -- it's free to be downloaded online.)

    You're gonna be addicted to blogging! I never thought I'd keep mine up for 3+ years.