Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day... and pics for my buddy Jay.

What is it about vehicles and guys loving them? Beats me. But when I see a kick ass ride I wish it was me that gets to drive it. When I see a 'for sale' sign on a barely drivable classic, I think, "I can fix it up," when I'm lucky enough to complete a cabinet from Ikea.

Guys are like that... we see a rusting bucket of bolts and think we can fix it up, while women see a problem guy and think I can fix him up. We're built that way to always see the possibilities of what could be. I think that if we didn't think that way, we'd still be trying to make fire in a cave someway.

My buddy Jason can fix up old vehicles. And he's shown me some of the projects he's worked on including a $200,000 car. He's proud of the work that he's done, and I can say that I'm proud of him as well.

I always tell him that I saw an awesome truck and I thought of him. Or I saw a fixer-upper for sale and I think I could buy that and bring it to Jay.

We've been buddies since high school and he lives in Prince George, British Columbia, while I live in top of the world, Hay River, Northwest Territories. We see each other when we can, usually in Grande Prairie or Fort St. John. But it only amounts to a couple of times a year.

Anyways, I put these pics on the blog for Jason.

BTW (By the way), someone here in Hay River has a Ferrari. This person, who used to be my neighbour, has a '91 Ferrari. I approached him today at the Canada Day Celebrations and told him that he had to let me sit in his car... he said that maybe he'd take me for a drive... in this case, maybe is good enough. I've never been in a Ferrari, and me sitting in one would be like a Penguin at the North Pole... it just doesn't happen.

Anyways, Happy Canada Day Everyone!

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  1. Adam;
    Dude, I love that old school Trans am (the Bandit). Thanks a lot. I always appreciate all classics, ya gotta be able to relate to someone's dreams and vision. I not afraid to say, the more of your writing I read the more I enjoy it you have the one of the hysterical thought processes i've ever seen in someone...incredibly unique. It's nice to here from you and be able to get a little incite into your lives in the north. See you soon.
    love your bro,