Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Want to be a Ghost Hunter

I’ve been interested in the paranormal forever. I guess it started out as the normal youthful curiosity after watching some scary movies. Psychic phenomenon fascinates me. Stories of hauntings have always interested me. Even stories of monsters I’ve found intriguing. It doesn’t mean I believe it all, but I do find them interesting.

For a long time I’ve seen movies with ghosts and found them grossly entertaining. I really don’t expect a real ghostly experience to be like the Amityville Horror or The Entity. I should expect that they are more likely to be like The 6th Sense. Some of my friends said they didn’t find the movie scary, but I think that the events in the movie would be closer to a paranormal experience than others.

I’ve also praised A&E’s paranormal show Paranormal State, for a more ‘realistic’ view of the paranormal. They don’t film something and say, “Look! It’s a ghost!” But they’ll say they captured a misty phenomenon on film, and it could be explained by humidity levels from the entrance. The subject group of the show, the Paranormal Research Society (PRS), would be hesitant to jump to the conclusion that they have definitive proof of paranormal activities, but some of the cases they’ve documented have captured convincing paranormal activities. In almost every episode that I’ve seen the PRS has had some convincing experiences. For Father’s Day, my wife and kids got me the first two seasons on DVD… and I watched the first episode of season one on my lunch break.

I’ve also heard great reviews of a show called Ghost Hunters. I’ve never seen the show because for some reason my satellite provider doesn’t get it… Damn You ExpressVu! Although the personal reviews I’ve heard of the show have been favourable, the website Wikipedia notes some not so kind reviews of the show. That being said, I like Paranormal State and Wikipedia also has some bad reviews for that show too.

I think that the evidence caught on audio/video (AV) have always interested me as well. We’ll never know completely whether AV from these shows is not tampered with in any way.

Audio recordings have been used by ‘professional’ and amateurs alike for years. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is very popular and featured in movies and television. I saw an episode of a show called Sightings in the early 1990’s with a supposed expert in EVP. She walked through an old Civil War Prison and recorded some pretty creepy recordings. She had the entire fort to herself and captured some recordings like:

“Make it stop.”

“The pain…”

“That’ll do.”

There were other recordings that she captured, but I can’t recall what was said. She only caught those on her recorder after the audio signal was boosted and subtitled for the viewers to understand.

EVP has been so convincing and scary, that people are more likely to believe the phenomenon. However it can be easily debunked as pranksters, voices carried on the wind, etc.

When the movie “White Noise,” came out, I saw the preview of the movie and even before I said I wanted to see the movie, my wife said that I was not to bring that movie into our house. I saw the movie anyway, and I didn’t think it was that creepy.

Because of my interest in ghosts, I have a huge interest in old and historical buildings. I love to explore abandoned derelict buildings and see evidence of things that haven’t been touched in years. I took the picture in a storage building that used to be for the Residential School in Hay River, it was creepy and I couldn’t go to the basement of that building. Felt some bad mojo from there.

In the Northwest Territories we have the Naka (I’ve heard it pronounced Nuh-Guh) or better known as the Boogeyman. I’ve been told that the Naka’s origins actually started in before the Europeans arrived to Western Canada. I was told by elders that Naka literally meant stranger. And in olden times, when someone appeared near their village that was not known, they referred to them as Naka. Their appearance was usually indicative that someone from their village was going to be taken. Further stories have also indicated that this would be one tribe’s measures to prevent inbreeding. Someone would go to another village to steal away one of their boys or girls to be married off in their village.

The Naka has a fairy tale story feel to it, with historical origins, so I found it interesting. There’s been stories of Sasquatch, Yeti, Okopogo, Loch Ness Monster, and the Mothman all over the world. Some specified to certain geographical areas, such as the Okopogo in the Okanagan of British Columbia and the Lake Ness Monster in Scotland. Some evidence presented has been clearly debunked in the past.

Don’t you love hearing stories of people who had premonitions of things to happen and then proven correct later? Even I’ve incredible experiences with Déjà vu that have freaked me out. There have been shows produced about psychics like Medium and The Listener and countless movies and novels. There are different kinds of psychics with different kinds of abilities. There are different claims to different abilities and many skeptics have loved debunking claimed psychics. The most famous skeptic that I can think of was Harry Houdini. To him he took psychic claims and would disprove them because he felt people were being taken advantage of.

All this being said, I wish I was a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator. Just to be there to experience it and give an opinion of yes or no to the phenomenon. Got any ghosts? How about a demon possessing your daughter? Instead of calling the Ghostbusters, give me a call first.

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