Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Internet Security

I mentioned before that we just came back from Grande Prairie, Alberta. Spent the weekend shopping, going for nice meals, shopping, and going for coffee at the Church of the Mighty Tim (for those non-Canadians reading my blog, I'm referring to Tim Horton's, which is a coffee and donut chain in Canada and in some American States. The coffee truly is the nectar of the gods).

I just thought that I'd mention that I didn't mention in my blog, or on my Facebook account that I was indeed travelling to Grande Prairie. Why? A new breed of internet criminal.

It seems that internet opportunists are now using Facebook and Twitter accounts to their benefits when people are saying they are "vacationing in Mexico" or "Lost in Las Vegas." It seems that burglars then know which house to hit. You can check out this article here. So, think twice to calling in sick and having your pic of you partying on a friend's profile, or announcing you're going to be tanning in the Bahamas (I can understand wanting your ex to be jealous, but you might be letting burglars know to pay your place a visit).

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